Ceiling Fan & Lighting Installation

Ceiling fans offer a great alternative to expensive energy bills and look great in bedrooms and living rooms – especially in the hot central Texas area. In the summer they provide a cool breeze, and in winter they help utilize warm air trapped in the ceiling by moving it downward.


When installing a ceiling fan it is important to make sure you have the proper support box in place and install the fan according to its specifications. Ceiling fans are major appliances hanging over your head so you don’t want to take any chances on the installation. JC Electrical Service’s electricians have installed thousands of ceiling fans and know how to do it right. Plus, we warranty all our work for life, just in case. We always inspect the existing box before installing a ceiling fan and we never cut corners by installing a plastic or Non UL listed box.


No box in the ceiling? No problem. We can install a ceiling fan anywhere in your house even if there is no fan or light in your existing ceiling. We will install a new box, fish in a new line, and install the fan. If you already have a fan that operates on a pull chain, we can install new independent switches for the fan and light. We can also install ceiling fans on your deck or patio – what a great way to keep cool & keep mosquitos at bay! We also can install industrial fans, shop fans, and even the “Big Ass” brand fans.

We can install ceiling fans at any height in you home. Our electricians have specialized ladders that can reach even the highest ceilings safely and without damaging your floors or walls. It is important to check the insurance of any electrician before authorizing the installation of a high ceiling fan or fixture in your home. It is dangerous work and you want to make sure you are protected in case of an accident. JC Electrical Services is fully insured for your protection.


Get it done today. Call us and we will have a certified electrician in a fully-stocked truck at your door. We will provide an upfront price and do the work right the first time. Guaranteed. (512) 800-4117.

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