New Outlet Installation

Do you have enough outlets in your home? Many older homes only have one or two outlets per room, which is not nearly enough to accommodate today’s high tech homeowner. Perhaps you need more outlets in your workshop or garage? If you are using extension cords anywhere in your home on a regular basis you NEED more outlets.

Did you know that extension cords used incorrectly in homes is the number one cause of household electrical fires? Building codes have since been amended to add additional outlets but many homes still lack the proper number of receptacles needed. We can install an electrical outlet anywhere in your home exactly where you need it the most. We install additional outlets for flat screen TV’s, workshops, holiday lights, ironing boards, table lamps, and floor lamps, etc.


Ungrounded outlets are outlets lacking a ground wire to protect you from electric shock. A ground wire provides a safe path away from you back into the ground if there is a short. Grounding also protects appliances from electrical damage. This is why many appliances have a three prong plug.


A two-prong outlet signifies that there is no ground wire and prevents a homeowner from plugging in an appliances or electronics that require grounding. In some cases, uninformed persons will replace a two prong outlet with a three-prong outlet without adding a new ground wire. This creates a major hazard and is potentially dangerous to anyone using that outlet. This is why replacing a two-prong outlet with a three prong outlet without running a new wire is illegal in Texas.


Tamper Resistant outlets are designed to prevent injury or death to children by preventing the insertion of any device (pen, paper clip, etc.) into the outlet other than an electrical plug. The new outlet now has a special cover and looks like a regular outlet. These outlets have been used successfully in doctor’s offices, schools, and nurseries. JC Electrical Services installs these new, safer outlets – give us a call – especially if you have young children in the house!


Do you have a new electric car? Did you know JC Electrical Services also installs outlets for electric cars in the Austin area? Contact us for a fast, free quote.


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