Aluminum Wire Remediation

Was your home built or remodeled anywhere from 1965-1973? If so you may have aluminum wiring and be unaware of the potential fire hazards caused by aluminum wiring.

In the 1970’s aluminum wiring was very popular due to a shortage of copper availability. Copper was very expensive and aluminum was much cheaper so builders and remodelers used aluminum wiring extensively – there were no known issues with aluminum wiring back then.

When problems started appearing with aluminum wiring in the 70’s, building codes across the country began to change to specifically exclude its use. Now across the country copper is the standard metal for all wiring. However there are a number of homes that still have aluminum wiring – if your home is one of them you need to take action. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there were about  two million homes and mobile homes constructed using aluminum wiring since 1965. We know that in the Austin area there are a number of homes  that have this wiring.


The problem isn’t with the wiring as much as it is with the connector between the wire and the outlet or switch. This connection overheats and that is what causes so many electrical fires in homes wired with aluminum wire. The wire heats up as more power flows through it – it burns off the insulation and poof – there is a fire. Trouble signals for aluminum wiring include:

  • face plates and switches that are warm to the touch
  • strange or distinctive odor or the smell of burning plastic in the vicinity of a receptacle or switch
  • flickering of lights not traceable to appliances or obvious external causes


If you have an older home with aluminum wiring -please contact a qualified electrician for a full inspection. JC Electrical Services can review your specific wiring and come up with a plan to fix it.


There are a number of options for remediation of aluminum wiring – we’ll provide you with a thorough inspection of your home’s wiring and develop a comprehensive plan.


And even if you aren’t currently having issues with your aluminum wiring – please note that insurance companies are beginning to deny policy renewals and revisions to homeowners with aluminum wiring. Also, should you sell your home it is required that you disclose your aluminum wiring to any potential home buyer – this can make your home a lot more difficult to sell! Why not take care of the issue now for your own safety?!


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